Vision and Peace Services

Peace in the ancient language of Sanskrit. GSPSS, we feel that humanity has the capacity to create peace on Earth, and we want to do everything we can to help it! We believe this begins with each individual learning how to experience and be peace in every area of his or her life. Our courses, seminars, meditations and programs provide profound, practical tools to help you to create peace in your experience both at work and at home, and to take peace everywhere you go. As more and more people live peace in this way, peace begins to spread and ripple out into the world. Through cultivating inner peace, you are open to more purpose, abundance, love and joy than ever before!

Community Harmony

This vital program will boost social cohesion and strengthen relationships between diverse communities in many different places.

Our harmony project is about coming together to celebrate the cultural diversity in your area and spread the message of ‘everyone belongs’. Bringing communities together through peace , spirituality, sport, food, music and entertainment plays an important role in promoting our cultural diversity, humanity and love . It creates an opportunity to think, talk about and recognise how our differences and our similarities make the planet a great place to live.

Peace building Community activities

Community Peace building activities and strategies encompass a vast number of practices that bring together youth, adults, governments, organizations and schools to help cultivate peace and healing in local communities. There are many exciting and effective fields of work in this arena. The techniques below, and others, have proven to be far more effective and life-affirming than more traditional punitive oriented approaches relied upon so heavily today. In a nation with the highest incarceration rates in the developed world, it is important, particularly in neighborhoods highly impacted by violence, that robust and comprehensive peacebuilding strategies and programs be implemented. This will help build community resilience.

Health & Wellbeing Programs

An effectively delivered, evidence-based mental/spiritual and physical health program can have a lasting positive impact on both the productivity of your business and the lives of the people working around you.

GSPSS’s workplace training , yoga , meditation and various spiritual programs are built on current, proven research and are delivered by fully qualified facilitators. Each program that we deliver is customised for the individual business taking your specific needs and training budget into account. This program is suitable for individual, organization or a community group.

Meditation & Yoga Camp/Retreats

Our Thriving Retreats Change Lives.

Retreats are opportunities to escape from day-to-day life and focus on your personal and spiritual development. They are powerful and mystical journeys into the world of the extraordinary! Our intensive spiritual escapes enable you to deeply explore and transform your true inner self. Retreats also provide our loving and compassionate teachers with the opportunity to work with students closely, guiding them through phenomenal clearing, healing and transformation. Our retreats last anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks and are held in Australia and around the world.

We have conducted 135 yoga, spiritual , wellbeing and peace building retreat around the world.

Multicultural Service Programs

Our counsellors come from diverse backgrounds and speak many languages, and they are committed to working with you and meeting your cultural needs in relevant and effective way. We are open to gaining relevant knowledge of the particular ethnic group we are working with. Our counsellors are mindful that they need to expand their repertoire of therapy skills to reflect helpful and appropriate counselling practices. We provide our services in ways that show support, understanding and consistency with your racial and ethnic background. We are mindful of the cultural identities and norms of the people we see.
We work with local council, organizations and other partners.

Yoga Teachers Training

GSPSS Yoga and Meditation program provides its popular Yoga Teacher Training program which is fully accredited by Yoga Australia and is renowned Internationally for its traditional yoga Instructor training courses available in Australia. All our students and teachers are trained to the highest standards for many years. This training program allows you to teach yoga in Australia and on the International level.

Our Level 1 200 hours program is a proven TRANSFORMATIVE TRAINING for our current time and is based on Sage Patanjali‘s Ashtanga yoga and Hatha yoga based on Hatha yoga Pradipika dated 1200Ad. The course gives you practical training in Yoga Philosophy¸ Asanas¸ Pranayama¸ Meditation¸ Teaching method¸ Mind science¸ Physiology¸ Anatomy and in-depth self and professional development.

What we offer !!

* YOGA/Mind Power TEACHING . If you are looking to teach yoga then this training will give you an Internationally recognised Yoga Teacher qualification. The Training helps the students to get their basics right and you can successfully teach pure yoga to amaze this world. Opportunity to learn and teach unique sequencing of dynamic asana (poses) , pranayama (breathing) and meditation classes which gives your students the ultimate holistic yoga experience. Explore a new pathway. Teach in Australia and around the world.

Life Coach

Life coaching services

Life coaching services help you to clarify your direction in life and form meaningful goals underpinned by your life values. Life coaching allows you to take control of your life, increase your life satisfaction and learn to manage any barriers to change.
Life coaching services provide an array of bespoke services to suit your needs, such as Confidence coaching, Self esteem coaching or Motivation coaching.

As a life coach provider , we are committed to helping you make the changes you desire in your life. We respect your autonomy and unique life experiences without imposing my own values and beliefs. We will ask questions to draw out the hidden motivations within you and help you to bring about the changes you desire.
Marriage Counseling

GSPSS provides a Happy Celebrant marriage counseling. Our experience and study shows we are 80 percent success to bring the peace and harmony between couple . If you think your marriage is in trouble, do not wait. Seek help as soon as possible. Plan to budget money and time for this treatment. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get your relationship back on track. Find professional couples counseling or attend a marriage course or weekend experience as soon as warning signs appear.

Stress Management Camp

Mindfulness teaches us to train our brain to pay attention to particular thoughts, emotions or sensations to ensure our choices determine positive mental habits that develop the results we want. We also provide the ,Trauma Counselling, Alcohol & Drug Counselling program.

We are running this program around the world. In various cities.

Traning & Workshops

Are you a spiritual seeker interested in the mysteries of life GSPSS is a mystical school for people wanting to make a difference in the world. We may be the next step on your journey. Come and find your truth.

Our introductory courses/training, offer you a taste of our seminars so you can hear more about what we teach and how it will change your life. These sessions are a great way to meet other new people and get a better understanding of our programs.
All offerings of GSPSS are provided in an environment that respects, honors, and welcomes many paths to happiness and peace, while providing tools and techniques to help participants manage life more successfully.