GSPSS YTT 200hr-500hr Plus Yoga Course Registration

GSPSS Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTT) Registration

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Thanks For Your Interest In The GSPSS Yoga Teacher Training. If You Would Like To Register For This Training, Please Click On The Button Below for  the Appropriate Registration Form For The Course You Are Interested In (GSPSS RYS 200 FOUNDATION/RYS 250 PLUS LVL 1 ADV/350 LVL 2 ADV/500 LVL 3 ADV/RYS 500 ADVANCED DIP). Fill Out This Form And Return To our Head office in Australia or email us. Our classes:
Online: Worldwide.
Face to face : Sydney- CBD & Parramatta Campus ,Australia .
Victoria University Campus, ECA & Maha Yoga Global College, Sydney Australia in association with GSPSS.
Courses :
1.YTT 200Hr-500hrs(Foundation to Diploma Level)
2:Yoga for healing classes:Diabetes, Stress , Anxiety etc.(50 package for sickness)
3:One-to-One Yoga & Mindfulness classes
4 Special group classes: Kids, Office staffs, Elderly people, etc
5:Yoga for renew
6: Meditation & relaxation courses Level -1 to 5

These courses are globally accepted professional credentials for Yoga Teachers.
This Hatha Yoga is based on ancient Hatha yoga Scripture & practices.
For more information M: +61434570379, or
We are fully registered with Yoga Alliance International Registry .
You can choose full-time, part-time or the time that suits you.

Our lead trainer is a Master yoga teacher(MYT), 30 years of experience, 3 world record holders in this field, originally from Nepal ,the land of yoga origination. He is also a professor, life coach, inspirational speaker, best-selling author civil marriage celebrant and a yogi.…/acharya-rajan-sharma…/
Intake : March, May ,July ,September
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GSPSS YTT 200hr-500hr Plus Yoga Course Registration

We are fully registered with Yoga Alliance International Registry. 

Yoga Alliance® RYT-250 PLUS

If You Have Any Questions Please Contact Us. We’d Love To Hear From You.

Frequently asked questions

Can I register a teacher training course with GSPSS that is shorter than a 500-hour course?

We are proudly announcing that our head trainer and the founder of GSPSS,  Guru Acharya Rajan Sharma is honoured as

the first Nepali origin “Master Yoga Teacher in the world” . The accreditation and registration

amended   by the highly reputed International Yoga teachers forum”  Yoga Alliance Australia International Registry .”

The Global Society for Peace and Spiritual Science(GSPSS) will consider registering your course on :the following conditions:
1. You need to have a 200 hr or longer course registered with GSPSS or  Maha Yoga Global College Asutralia.

2. The 200 hr course meets the minimum requirements of Provisional membership in each of the GSPSS Australia curriculum areas.
3. The 200 hr course articulates into the 350 hour or longer course, allowing your teacher trainees to achieve 350 hours of training within the 3 year Provisional membership period.
4. You provide all the necessary mentoring and support to ensure that your teacher trainees receive at least 12 months of teacher training under supervision.
5. In every other respect your 200 hr course meets GSPSS Australia Provisional membership requirements and is of the highest standard.

How long will it take to approve my course?

The process usually takes 3- 6 months(200-500hr YTT) or 1 -2 years (diploma level) if queries

from the Teacher Training committee are responded to in a timely manner.

Can my teacher trainees make up some of their course hours by attending general classes as a student?

Your training course must be a “dedicated” yoga teacher training course. This means that the entire course curriculum, content and delivery is documented and delivered as a yoga teacher training course, and not achieved by your teacher trainees making up curriculum hours by attending general yoga classes unless training based on these is an integral part of the supervised training curriculum.

You may need to provide a timetable of actual teacher training time with your course outline to satisfy the committee of this. (Attendance by a small number of other senior students at some of the advanced training sessions within your course is not necessarily precluded).

How much face-to-face training is required?

Your training course should generally have a minimum of 65% contact hours (face-to-face teaching) with any non-contact hours to be recorded by the student in a journal or equivalent, for which compliance is assessed as part of the course.

GSPSS Australia recognises, however, that some distance learning courses may, by necessity, have less contact hours than those indicated above. Such courses are generally required to have substantial mentoring and home learning components. If your course is delivered by distance learning, a lower proportion of contact hours may be agreed by the committee, providing that all non-contact training hours are recorded by the student and appropriately assessed as part of the course. Ideally, courses with substantial non-contact hours will require the student to work with a local mentor/teacher who can supervise their distance learning, reporting back to the course provider or director.

What is the minimum length for a registered teacher training course?

Your principal training course must be of at least 12 months duration, whether full-time or part-time. If your course is shorter than 12 months duration, you must provide a formal mentoring structure to enable your graduates to achieve a period of 12 months under supervision. Please refer to the GSPSS Australia Mentoring Guidelines for more information.

What experience do potential trainees require to enrol in our teacher training course?

It is required that trainee applicants have completed at least 12 months personal yoga practice before admission to your teacher training course.

How many training hours are required for our course to be registered with Yoga Australia?

Your principal training course must provide at least 350 hours of training, covering the minimum hours in each of the GSPSS Australia Teacher Training Course curriculum areas.

What qualifications are required for course trainers?

GSPSS Australia Registered Course providers must be themselves or employ a GSPSS Australia Senior Registered Teach as principle trainer, unless otherwise be approved by the GSPSS Australia Committee. They are responsible for ensuring the standard and delivery of the course meets with our highest training standards.

If there is to be any change in senior teaching personnel, you must notify GSPSS Australia to retain course registration. If your training course is delivered face-to-face in multiple locations (e.g.: around the country and world), the principal trainer in each location must be a Level 3 Senior member of GSPSS Australia, unless otherwise approved by the committee.

Each separate location in which the training course is delivered must be described in your application along with sufficient detail for GSPSS Australia to be satisfied of the quality and delivery of the course and principal trainers in each location.
Additional teachers must be suitably qualified and experienced for the topics they teach and they are under the supervision of the Senior Register Teacher.

Master Yoga Teacher (MYT) Registered with Yoga Alliance®

It is our great pleasure to inform that the founder of GSPSS and the YTT200hr course designer Yogacharya Guru Acharya Rajan Sharma is honoured as the ” Master Yoga Teacher(MYT)”  by Yoga Alliance Australia for worldwide . He is the first Yoga Guru from the land of yoga origin, Nepal,  who obtain this highly  honoured yoga master title.

Who is the lead trainer or  Yoga Master?

Our lead yoga trainer is ‘The Master Yoga Teacher(MYT)’

The globally accepted professional credential for Yoga Teachers

oga Alliance Australia Master Yoga Teacher Designationoga Alliance Australia Master Yoga Teacher Designationwhat is MYT ! The Master Yoga Teachers (MYT) applications are assessed on an individual basis using a variety of criteria including prior education long standing teaching experience (over 25 years), knowledge, skills and status gained through working in the yoga industry, and community service.

Applicants that are published authors or have participated in CDs for the divulgation of Yogaand related disciplines, or hold a Master of Arts/Science in Yoga Studies or a PhD, or are initiated as Sannyasi or Swami, or are publicly known and recognised as Yoga Great Grand Masters, are regarded by the Yoga Alliance’s Review Team as more favourable candidates for the Master Teacher credential.

There is a great confusion about the definition and interpretation of the word Swami due to a lack of information above the various traditions and philosophies. Swami is a Sanskrit word that literally means one who knows, who is master of himself. Generally, the word Swami is a title of honour which is awarded to masters and spiritual teachers in many different traditions, philosophies, schools and doctrines, such as Vedanta, yoga, etc.., or to different religions, such as Hinduism. There are different types of Swamis or different types of people who have the title of Swami. We must clarify that Swami is not necessarily a monk, priest, or need to be religious or be part of a cult or sect. Being a Swami is more a way of life, a philosophy, rather than a religion.

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